Effect - assembly kits of effect pedal

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Description: Effect - assembly kits of effect pedal

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Kldguitar pay attention to develop effect pedal many years. The products include all tube guitar amps effect pedal, musical apparel etc. All products based on classical circuit and use high quality components such as polypropylene and polystyrene capacitor. All components are DIP. The sound of our effect pedal is more original and active. Kldguitar provide assembly of kits of pedal to the customers who want modify our kits self or want save money in shipment. You can ask us install all components on PCB or not. It does not include the case so the cost of shipment is reduced. Certainly you can order metal case same time. Below is our list of kits of effect pedal.
Certianly If you want us develop new effect which designed by you, please contact with us freely.
1. Pro-rat
2. SD03
3. TS808
4. Boss DS01

Pictures: Effect - assembly kits of effect pedal

Picture of Effect - assembly kits of effect pedalPicture of Effect - assembly kits of effect pedal


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