Effect - Behringer DSP 1000P - Rack mount multieffects unit

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Instrument number38006
Effect listedbefore 2016
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Description: Effect - Behringer DSP 1000P - Rack mount multieffects unit

Rack mount effects unit; particularly good are its reverbs and delays.

Description of the DSP 1000P from Behringer's website:

The use of a high-power 24-bit DSP with two separate "engines"enables you to process entirely different effects for the left and right channels. You can, for example, use the VIRTUALIZER PRO as a chorus on one channel and as a reverb on the other with individual routing. Needless to say, first-class serial effect combinations, like tremolo/delay or pitch/reverb, are also possible.Welcome to our Virtual RoomsMany digital reverbs offer only a vague simulation of real acoustic reverberation. Our algorithms, however, are extremely complex and detailed. We measured and analyzed the acoustic properties of several rooms, halls and theatres and developed precise mathematical models based on the resulting data. These models formed the basis for programming our algorithms. Accurate calculation of the hundreds of parameters used in the physical modeling of buildings includes the definition of so-called early reflections an extremely important aspect of room simulation.


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