Electric Guitar - 1963 Fender Stratocaster 63 Strat - GENUINE Item! L@@K!

Electric Guitar listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30800
Electric Guitar listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)minimum $5000 +shipping included

Description: Electric Guitar - 1963 Fender Stratocaster 63 Strat - GENUINE Item! L@@K!

OK folks. I've thought long and hard on this and trust me, if this doesn't sell in the next week, I may chang my mind and maybe in 5 years I will think about this again. My collection is full of Gibsons and my heart is with Les Paul so I therefore offer up my 63 strat.

This guitar is mint. I bought it years ago from a guy who also sold me some other guitars. I didn't ask the history behind the guitar, in fact I didn't ask anything about it because I was so giddy I found it. Truth is, I never even took it apart to verify it was a 63. I trusted the guy and again, couldn't wait to take it home. Today however, I thought I better take it apart and verify a few things for the new owner. I carefully dissassembled the guitar and in my opinion, IF this is truly a refinished restored guitar, then whoever did it did an incredible job. What I am saying is I don't even know for sure it has been refinned, but it must have. I tried to locate the previous owner to discuss this with him but no luck yet. It has the 3 way switch replaced but the original is in the case. It also had the three pickup covers replaced but also have the originals.

The tuners appear to be original and say Kluson Deluxe. The frets are so good it must have been refretted but again, no proof. The bridge does appear to be replaced because it sticks out of the rear body about 1/16 of an inch and therefore the plastic cover has a slight buldge. The springs and retaining screws for the mounting bracket appear to be original. Funny thing though is the fine tuners on the bridge appear to be old (they each say Fender if that tells you anything).

Final thing to tell you is I also have what appears to be the original case. How to tell for sure? I don't know but given the condition of the guitar, it explains why the case is a 8 out of ten. For a 40+ year old case, that amazes me. Anyhow, see the pictures. Tell me what to look for to be sure of this.

It probably appears obvious by now that I am no expert collector. I love to own guitars and I play each of them, sometimes quite hard. This is why this guitar can go. I can't play it, its too nice.

The serial number on the backplate is 98853. I've done my research and know what these guitars are worth. This one I will NOT let go cheap but for the right person, I am certain "reasonable" is expected when paying for a guitar like this.

I will do whatever I can to answer any questions you have by email immediately. If you want to speak with me by phone, please email me and let me know.

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