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Description: Electric Guitar - Buying tube guitar amp in cheaper way

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Why do Kldguitar provide assembled kits for guitar tube amps and effect pedals to customers?
Selling musical accessories is an interesting business. Itís about selling expensive equipment to people who have no money.
After designing and creating various products, Kldguitar always strive to improve on our original statement do our best.
Although tube guitar amplifiers are expensive, many people like their sound. Previously, people had to buy tube amps in two ways.
One choice was to purchase the complete amp from the manufacturer; they had to pay a high import duty and transportation fee. (The import duty of a complete amp is higher than the cost of the kits in some countries.) A complete unit is larger and the cabinet weighs more. It is the usual way to buy an amp, because many people are not electronic experts.
The second way, was to buy kits for self assembly. There are many web sites that provide kits for customers. This method might save some money, but it requires both experience and skill. Not everyone can do it so easily.
Now, at last, Kldguitar have found a third way to provide their customers with assembled kits for tube guitar amps. We selected classic circuits and high quality components from China. Everything is pre-assembled and fitted onto the chassis, including the control knobs. The unit is adjusted and tested before leaving the factory. Customers donít need to know about electronics. (Certainly it would be better to have some knowledge). Customers would have to source the cabinets or have them made locally and the pre assembled units would be installed. If everything is OK, the next thing to do is plug your guitar, and play.
The reasons Kldguitar provide assembled kits for tube guitar amps are listed below:
The import duty of a complete amp unit is higher than assembled kits in some Countries. If you buy only the assembled kits, you donít need pay the higher import duty.
The weight of assembled kits is lighter than whole amp, so you donít need to pay higher shipment fees, especially, if you buy fewer amps. The cost of DHL is expensive, so you can save more money.
Compared to kits provided by many other manufacturers, you donít need detailed knowledge of electronics.
If you didn't want others people know more your tech secret,.How to make many products in lower cost. It is easy now, you only order our assembled kits close your design, or you ask us making new assembled kits by your needing. After you received the assembled kits, you can modify them. Because we have finished many simple and cumbersome works, so you have time to do others.
KLDguitar provide several kinds of assembled kits in PCB. In the near future, we will provide some types of hand wired tube guitar amplifiers .We continually strive for perfection..

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