Electric Guitar - 1994 Greg Curbow Extremely Rare and HIghly Collectable

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Description: Electric Guitar - 1994 Greg Curbow Extremely Rare and HIghly Collectable

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Here we have a 1994 Rare one of a Kind Greg Curbow Strat. YES! This one was built by the master himself RIP Greg.

Here is an excerpt from an article from when he died:
"Greg Curbow's guitars and basses were so flawless that it was hard to believe they were crafted by hand. "People would think they must be machine-made because every instrument was absolutely perfect," said his wife, Margaret Sims-Curbow of Morganton. "So sometimes Greg would intentionally leave a tiny little spot on them. He'd call it their beauty mark."

This guitar is slightly smaller than a standard strat, at least it feels smaller, it's about 12 inches wide at the lower bout and about 1.5 inches thick give or take.

Super sleek and super comfortable making it a hybrid for any type of music.
It's got very little fretwear on that luscious ebony fretboard, although I would suggest you get a setup for it, I use heavy strings 11's.

The pickups are Seymour Duncan, I'm not sure what kind they are, all that I can say is I never got any feedback in live situations.

The neck has 22 frets, ebony fretboard as stated earlier and the best part is that it's not as thick as a standard fender and not as thin as an Ibanez, it's the perfect combination.

The body is solid mahogany and it is perfect, super comfortable IMO.

The bridge is a Floyd rose and it is perfectly setup for eleven's. The back of the neck is maple.

There are NO cracks or any structural damage on this guitar, structurally it is flawless, there are some dings around it but that is common for a guitar of this age.

The finish on the guitar is a natural satin finish, very smooth.

All I can say is, whoever gets this guitar is very lucky, I am not sure how many of these were made but I haven't seen anyone with one of these, making this a specialty/rare instrument of some kind.

Greg unfortunately is no longer with us and curbow no longer operates, Making this a rare find.

One more thing, this is not a cort curbow, greg did some designs for the cort guitar company, which are budget guitars. This guitar is out of his shop in atlanta.

good luck.


I emailed Doug Somervell who used to work at the Curbow shop and here is what he had to say:

"I am sorry to be so long responding to your email. That is indeed a rare basically one of a kind handmade musical instrument. If it is a '94 odds are I did the fret work and carved the neck is there a serial number?? I don't really recall the instrument it may be earlier/? than '94?? it is hand signed looks like it was finished in something.
I cannot venture to say what something like that is worth it would depend on the buyers desire...
it is unique that I can tell you. The frets look like my work but I cannot say that for sure either.
sorry again for the delay. things are getting by me these days.
good luck

Pictures: Electric Guitar - 1994 Greg Curbow Extremely Rare and HIghly Collectable

Picture of Electric Guitar - 1994 Greg Curbow Extremely Rare and HIghly Collectable


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