Electric Guitar - Fender Strat Custom Shop 2002 (1 of 1 made beyond rare)

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Description: Electric Guitar - Fender Strat Custom Shop 2002 (1 of 1 made beyond rare)

Up for sale is a 2002 Fender Custom that has a very nice (verifiable) history behind it.

This guitar was built for a public art project in 2002 called Guitar Mania in downtown Cleveland. This event was put on by the United Way, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and the city of Cleveland. Celebrities and artists teamed up and designed replica 10 foot tall guitars that graced the downtown metro area. Here is a very rare opportunity to own one of the original Stratocasters which was also used as a model for the 10 foot versions. Miniatures of this guitar can also be bought at Fender's official site.

This Strat was designed by Earnie Merritt and John Lionti. It was then built and painted at the Fender Custom Shop. The artist who painted it is Pamelina. For those not familiar with her or her work, she is very well known and loved in the guitar/art community. She became famous with guitar players while working for Ibanez in thier "USA Custom Shop" (which actually was no custom shop at all. They simply took guitars and parts made in Asia and hand painted/assembled them in the USA). A simple google search will yeild tons of info on her.

After this Strat was built, it was put on display at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It remained there until the project started in Cleveland where it was flown in. Eventually, the guitar was auctioned for the United Way at a price of 7500.00 USD which can be verified.

The Strat is currently owned by a professional touring guitarist who is a good friend of mine. It's driving him up the wall that he cannot play this incredable machine. With that said, we are offering this guitar for sale. Hopefully, this guitar will go to a true collector who has the ability and the desire to display it and not play it (lol).

The condition of this guitar is factory fresh showing no chips, dings, scratches or wear of any kind. I literally cannot find 1 mark on this guitar and I have been looking hard. The only signs it was ever even handled are the very light polishing marks that are only visable upon extremely close inspection. However, you must hold the guitar in the right light/angle to even see these. The guitar is still strung with the original strings as it left the Custom Shop. The case candy is still in it's original plastic bag. The case is original to the guitar and is mint as well.
Also, the Custom Shop COA is included.

The guitar can be viewed in person in Norman, Oklahoma by serious buyers only (email me for details). This guitar is ready to ship (i prefer pickup due to the high value of the guitar. but, i will work with the buyer.) now and you will not be dissappointed.

Lo-resolution pics can be found in the link below.


questions, comments, viewing arrangements: mflud hotmail.com

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