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Description: Electric Guitar - Guitar Setups: Great Prices

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Why do guitar shops think we can afford to pay $65 to $80 every time we need an adjustment or setup? A guitar out of adjustment is a frustrating thing but trying to fix it with limited experience is even more frustrating. I do complete setups which include: Inspection, Tuner Head Adjustments, Truss Rod Adjustment, Nut Cleaning, Fret Board Deep Cleaning, Bridge Height Adjustment, Saddle Adjustments for 12th Fret Intonation, Electronics Cleaning and Tightening, New Strings (of course), and then follow up all this work with a polish. No more strange finger prints from your guitar tech. There really is no greater feeling then picking up a guitar with perfect action, a shiny finish, and that awesome polished smell. You can have it all for $40. Yes, at that price you can afford to get a setup when ever you like instead of forcing yourself to bite the bullet once every six months. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Free pick-up if you live in my area and have a case for your instrument. Pickup also available in Portland for an extra $10.00. (That's still only $50 total) All electrics as well as acoustics are welcome. Pick your string gauge if you like or else I can set you up with a medium gauge for versatility. Please do not inquire about guitar repairs unless you would like a referral. I am only performing setups at this time.

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