Electric Guitar - Left-handed 1990 Gibson Les Paul '59 Flametop re-issue....fabulous!

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Description: Electric Guitar - Left-handed 1990 Gibson Les Paul '59 Flametop re-issue....fabulous!

This is a stunning and extremely rare left-handed re-issue of the original cherry sunburst Les Paul Standard known as the Flametop.
Instruments such as this are the happy result of the Gibson company's decision in 1980 to ditch the junk of the 70's and get back to building Les Pauls to the spec and quality of the 1950's originals. This one was built to special order in June 1990 as part of the ĎHeritageí range and carries the original-type inked-on serial number 9-0368. It was the flagship of the Les Paul range at the time and is definitely rarer and more desirable than the Custom Shop models which went into production two years later. Gibson only made THREE left-handed LP Standards in the late 50's (Paul McCartney owns two of them), so a guitar such as this effectively represents the only way for a left-handed player to live the dream of owning the very best.
Like the originals, it features a one-piece neck and one-piece body in mahogany, capped with a fabulous AAA Grade maple top. The fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood. Gibson used their absolute best quality timber on this range. The construction details (e.g. the binding and headstock) are all as done back in 1959. The one exception is that this is the only L/H Les Paul Iíve seen that actually has the ĎLes Paulí logo the right way up! The back of the neck and body are finished in dark cherry, not the lighter reddish tinge used on later C/Shop re-issues, and the lacquer is 50's spec nitrocellulose. All this results in an instrument that looks and sounds every bit as good as the ones first pioneered by Eric Clapton and Mike Bloomfield back in the mid 60's. Its acoustic resonance is extraordinary, and offers all the great tone and sustain of those historic days.
And what makes it even better is its age. It's as old now as an original '59 would have been in the early 1980ís, and those years (and a fair bit of use) have given it a gorgeous subtle 'old' look reminiscent of well-preserved originals Ö. far better than any of that artificial aged bullshit that some players go crazy for nowadays.
The sunburst top has faded slightly (a good thing in my opinion) and the finish overall is in excellent condition with just a few minor blemishes. What this Les Paul offers is the true joy of owning and playing a fine guitar but without the worry of having to keep it perfect. Iím the second owner and bought it about ten years ago. On numerous gigs it has attracted many compliments from punters and guitarists alike. Itís also fantastic to play, with a weight of about 8lbs and a great slimline neck.
In the real world, this example is as good as it gets. For any left-handed player out there, this is a rare chance to own one of Gibsonís finest at a realistic price. If you fancy old Les Pauls and like to play a bit as well, this represents the ultimate. Its extreme rarity also makes it a very good investment.
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