Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Keyboard Rig - 6 keyboards, 7 rack units...

Electronic Keyboard Instrument listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30572
Electronic Keyboard Instrument listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)Complete rig $2500 package price

Description: Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Keyboard Rig - 6 keyboards, 7 rack units...

Owner passed away; selling equipment for relatives.

1Roland XP-30 sythesizer /case $509.00
1Roland JD-800 programmable sythesizer w/case $571.00
1Roland Digital Piano RD300s w/case $635.00
1Roland D50 synthesizer w/case $325.00
D-50 also with 64 voice RAM expansion expansion card, $50.00
D-50 also with 2 more additional patch/voice cards $75.00
1Roland JX-10 synthesizer $249.00
1Yamaha KX-5 Midi Controller w/case

1Oberheim Matrix 1000 $277.00
1Yamaha TX812 $112.00
1Digital Music Corporation MX-8 $84.00
1BBE Sonic Maximizer 422A $82.00
1Roland Digital Delay SDE-1000 $379.00
1Alesis Midiverb III $105.00
1Alesis Data Disk $114.00

1Keyboard Stand - mint condition, 3 tier $50.00
Midi Cables, Line level 1/4" cables,
Panamax power surge protector, misc.

Total resell bluebook value: $3,955.00

Package Price for all equipment: $2,500.00

Most equipment is in mint or near mint condition;
prices above are Bluebook prices for average resell on average condition equipment.
D-50 cards, 2 keyboard pedals, cables free
with package purchase
All instruments and components are believed to be in good to excellent working order and are not quaranteed.


This is not a current listing. See more electronic keyboard instruments.

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