Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Midimoog - Classic synth!

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Instrument number32872
Electronic Keyboard Instrument listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$1800

Description: Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Midimoog - Classic synth!

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Here's the original ad for the Midimoog. Excellent condition! :

The Midimoog is an excellent resurrection of the Minimoog by Studio Electronics. Remaining faithful to the original design, circuitry and components, Studio Electronics has recreated the original in a new rackmount MIDI equipped unit. Every unit has a genuine Minimoog Model D board inside. They've added a new dedicated LFO in addition to the Midi. Unfortunately, due to the 100% analog design of this synth, including the analog pots and switch controllers, retrofitting patch memory to the original Minimoog boards would have been a major electronic undertaking. So just like the original Minis, there is no patch memory storage.

The front panel layout of the Midimoog strongly resembles the Minimoog's original design. Familiar to old Minimoogers and fairly easy to learn and explore for the newer users. As for the sounds... they're the real thing. Three oscillators power this monophonic analog beast to create fat and warm synth basses, leads, blip-bleeps and sweeping sounds. The classic 24 dB/oct lowpass Moog filter is here too, and just as powerful as always. The rack-mountability and MIDI implementation alone make this an excellent choice for anyone looking for the famous warm Moog sounds in a compact yet classic MIDI-equipped module.

Unit is in excellent condition and comes with a power cable. This unit has never travelled outside Los Angeles. Serial # 1244.

Pictures: Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Midimoog - Classic synth!

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