Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Nord Wave 49-Key Analog FM Wavetable Synth New/Sealed

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Description: Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Nord Wave 49-Key Analog FM Wavetable Synth New/Sealed

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hey i lost my job and i am trying to sell ASAP!!
let me know if you want it. i will be happy to find it a good home.

You might get the impression you are looking at a regular analog style synthesizer. Nothing could be more right - nothing could be more wrong. Based on a legacy of inventing virtual analog synthesizers almost 15 years ago, Nord takes the new generation of lead synthesizers to the next level.

Listen to some of the glorious Mellotron sounds with no or minimal use of the Wave's internal effects:

Flutes, Alto Sax, 3 Violins, Wine Glasses, Rock Guitar, Tubular Bells, Boy's Choir, Solo Cello, Slow Vibra and assorted brass and strings.

Oscillator Funk - virtual analog synths mixed with mellotron violin and loop samples. Multitrack recording.

Synthesized Trumpet - the power of oscillator modulation and formant filter applied to a trumpet sample.

Santur Baby - Persian Santur and Accordion samples transformed into something completely different. Plus an analog lead.

There are lots of other sound clips to listen to in the Nord Wave Program Library area.

The Nord Wave gives you traditional analog sounds that interact and coexist with pretty much anything you want; by combining analog, FM synthesis, wavetable and sampled waveforms - you can use literally any standard audio file as a sound source. It is a great sample player and analog synthesizer, and so much more!

The introduction of sample players in the mid eighties created a gap in the world of synthesizers - a gap that twenty years later only has grown wider. The Nord Wave closes that gap, and brings the user replaceable samples to life again by integrating them in a virtual analog environment. Does the better of two worlds sound too pretentious for you? Wait until you have heard the Wave.

What it is all about

By having two oscillators capable of producing a vast array of sounds from classic analog waveforms (with sync), FM synthesis, wavetables, sampled waves (single cycle waveforms with attack) as well as noise and other miscellaneous waveforms, the Nord Wave has an unprecedented pallet of sounds for you to use as foundation.

Need a rich and full string quartet? No problem, just call up a string sample. Want a highly resonant screaming lead? Sure; virtual analog is there, but why not combine them, not just mix them together? With the Wave, you can create an analog lead with the harmonic content of the sampled string quartet!

With oscillator modulation you can transfer the character of one sound to the other - for instance, a sampled string to an analog square. By controlling the amount of modulation the effect can range from very subtle to extremely aggressive, so that the original waveforms are no longer recognizable.

Within moments you will experience sounds never heard before, sounds that will function as a great source of inspiration and lift the joy of playing and sound design to new levels.

Pictures: Electronic Keyboard Instrument - Nord Wave 49-Key Analog FM Wavetable Synth New/Sealed

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