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Description: Flute - Consumers Guide to Buying a Flute

A Consumers Guide to Buying a Musical Instrument (Flute, Piccolo) 2005 edition, 107 easy to read pages, new:

The information contained in this book is concise (107 pages) and comprehensive, with no unnecessary verbage or information. It is easy to read and will captivate the reader's interest, beginning to end. The information in this book will work for purchasing most small and moderate sized/priced woodwind, brass, and string instruments. Additionally, the author has included special information and chapters on Woodwind instruments since the author is an accomplished woodwind player.

The music industry information contained in this book, is as honest, and straight forward as possible. No large, influential or biased Corporations were involved with the creation or compilation of this book. This book is a guide written by an author that has been involved in many aspects of the music industry, up to this very day. The author is also very computer savvy, giving even more valuable insight into the topics of the Internet and its influence on the music industry.

Buying a Musical Instrument Topics Include...: Heath Benefits, Ergonomics, On-line Auctions, Imported Instruments, USA Instruments, Local Music Shops, Music Super Stores, Discount Department Stores, The Pain and Pleasure of eBay(TM), Questions To Ask, Scams, Shipping, Vintage and Used Instruments, Escrow, Basic Care Instructions, Hygiene, Plated Finish Care, Special Open-hole Flute Info, Special Sax/ Clarinet Reed/ Mouthpiece Info, Musical Term Glossary

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