Flute - Flute - magnificent solid gold head-joint

Flute listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30865
Flute listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)around $2000 negotiable

Description: Flute - Flute - magnificent solid gold head-joint

This superb hand-crafted head-joint was made by John Lehner, Australia's world-renowned flutemaker. It has extraordinary clarity, beauty, projection and flexibilty of tone. Made in beautiful 14ct solid Rose Gold, and hand-finished to the highest possible standards. Engraved with the Flutemakers of Australia logo and the serial number 9XXXX.

As is well known, Flutemakers of Australia have created some of the finest flutes in the world, and their instruments are much sought-after by soloists, orchestral players and advanced students.

In combination with any good-quality flute, the Lehner head-joint offers a tremendous variety of tone-colours; as well as quickness and evenness of response throughout the three registers.

I played with this head-joint on my flute for many years and was always delighted by its depth and richness of tone. I found that this was an economical way to upgrade, without buying an entire new flute, and allowed me the flexibility to use the old head-joint if I wished (and that didn't happen very often!). I found this combination of the John Lehner head-joint with my old flute to be perfect for both orchestral and solo work. I also found that the Lehner head-joint enabled greater ease of production of multiphonics and whistle-tones, and also of the altissimo register.

In perfect condition apart from a tiny dent in the end-cap that in no way affects the appearance or performance


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