Flute - "Wooden flute from 19th century (approximately 1855).

Flute listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number31013
Flute listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$600

Description: Flute - "Wooden flute from 19th century (approximately 1855).

Very nive flute in grenadilla wood (also headjoint), made by the in those days well known flute maker Erich Tremmel (Certification by a modern flute restaurator deliverable) - big opportunity for collectors or for enthusiastics about authentical playing. The flute has 12 keys, a b-foot enlargement and consists of 4 pieces. It is sold in a modern clarinet case. The flute has been completely overhauled in 2001 (also crack at the headjoint) by a professional flute restaurator. A key table can be delivered. ... The flute has been played in the Bayreuth orchestra in 1890...."
The flute has the old key system of those days and it took me some months to get the key table. The key system in comparison to boehm has some advantages, but over all it is quite unconfortable. The "internal" tuning of the instrument is quite inaccurate in comparison to modern instruments, but it has a very fine and warm sound, which you would not reach with a modern instrument.


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