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Description: Flute - WOODEN FLUTE

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This is Jingdong Wind Instrument Mfg,Co., it is the only one and the first production wooden flute ¡¢metal flute factory in China. At present our product completely exports.

Our factory predecessor is the mechanical processing factory, started in 1990 to manufacture the flute, in 1998 started to develop the wooden flute. Now our product basic is complete, including each kind of wooden flute, C# trill flute, Eb flute, each kind of wooden flute headjoint, alto flute headjoint, wooden piccolo, silver flute, silver flute headjoint, saxophone, clarinet,oboe, each kind of flute case and flute accessories. Our product wooden headjoints may need to be resized to fit your flute. We may need to have custom-made the different wooden flute according to the customer.

We provide the end product for the seller also to provide the half-finished product made in wooden for the flute manufacturer, by supplies the flute the manufacturer to produce belongs to own wooden flute.Our product obtained the world well-known brand flute to speak on another's behalf everybody's approval. Moreover we already with the well-known flute¡¢ the piccolo company cooperated, provided the service for theirs earlier period manufacture. If you are the flute maker, to produces the wooden flute to be interested, we may provide the earlier period wooden flute body for you the manufacture work.

Our factory had two item of products to obtain the national monopoly, an item is the flute body and the flute tail junction device, it is called ¡°Guodong Chen's junction¡± by the professional. an item is the bass B sound foot, this sound is appearing in Maler Fifth Symphony.

If you are interest in our products, please tell me,I will mail our product pictures for you. I hoped we may cooperate! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Pictures: Flute - WOODEN FLUTE

Picture of Flute - WOODEN  FLUTE


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