Flute - Yamaha YFL-381H Open Hole Flute-Used

Flute listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number33609
Flute listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$510 negotible

Description: Flute - Yamaha YFL-381H Open Hole Flute-Used

This is a used Yamaha YFL-381H intermediate flute with a B foot and gizmo key and an in-line G key. I have had this flute for little over a yr. I believe when I purchased this flute, it was 2 years old. It has a silver headjoint and silver plated body. Also include an undercut and beveled embouchure hole to help produce a clean attack, more sensitive response and better intonation, double bladder pads which proplong the life and seating of the pads, nickel-silver, power-forged keys which are very durable and less susceptible to damage and/or breakage, and neoprene key bumpers that will last longer than traditional cork. I have used this flute for roughly 12 performances give or take and it sounded wonderful each time. It is in mint condition and has no marks, scuffs, or wear on the case. It comes with the original case and a cleaning rod as well.


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