Harp - Celtic-style-Harp... stock sale... streight from the factory...

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Description: Harp - Celtic-style-Harp... stock sale... streight from the factory...

Approximately 63" high. Featuring 42 hard nylon strings, a range from C two octaves below Middle C to C above High C, 35 sharpening levers, engraved and inlaid rosewood frame and a plywood soundboard for exceptional sound and strength, comes with extra set of strings, tunning leaver, bag, hardline case, all in a wooden protection case.

For several hundred years, since Henry VIII, the Irish have used a harp as their emblem. Modern coins depict the fourteenth century Trinity College harp. In ancient times, the wire strung harp was an instrument of the aristocratic class as well as the most loved instrument of the Irish people. Today, some class it as a folk instrument because the original methods of building and playing it were lost during extended political turmoil in Ireland and there has been little general interest in it for years. Recently, however, the wire strung harp has been rediscovered.


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