Harpsichord, Clavichord - Harpsichord old Zuckermann 24 hours left

Harpsichord, Clavichord listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number44744
Harpsichord, Clavichord listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)$3001000 negotiable

Description: Harpsichord, Clavichord - Harpsichord old Zuckermann 24 hours left

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Harpsichord Nice Old Zuckermann

i have it for A 7 DAY auction WITH NO RESERVE!!!!!

current bid $300. a little more then 24 hours left until the auction closes,

Zuckermann told me it looked like one of theirs, but it is not marked. i'm not sure of the age 50 years or so ???? , very nice walnut looking wood, small nicks and chips in some of the corners and edges). It has gold designs on the outside and hand painted flowers on the sound board.

it's a nice little fun instrument, all ready to play and enjoy. IF you are close to Richmond VA, i would suggest you come to play it.

I have only seen a few and in bad shape. i'm sure it could use some professional adjustments if you want. It has not been professionally restored.

Specifications - features
Range 59 keys
Dimensions 6 ft by 3 ft
It has on the left hand side, a slide lever to dampen or mute the strings for an additional sound effect, i forgot to demonstrate it.
Also, it has extra holes & an extra space for a second jack rail, so you could install an second set of strings ( to be honest, i'm not sure what that type of set up is called.)

About the weight, small and light , two people can lift it. Transportable, as the legs unscrew and it's not that heavy

A bit of a story, I bought it a while ago just on kind of a lark, at an estate sale, (I'm a retired double bassist). I hated to see it get repurposed as a desk or worse.

I did do some work on it get it playable, replaced some of the jacks and plectra, i had to make a pole to hold the top up and make a music stand, i did replace 5 or 6 strings that were oken. Zuckermann said it would sound much better with a new set of strings but i just was not interested in doing all of them. It's not that hard to do the repairs yourself , Zuckermann has a set of video links, I can give you, to show how to fix and adjust anything on it.

Tuning it , no big deal, it's easy these days if you have a smart phone, go find the free app called " Pano Tuner " and put it on your smart phone, lol, you can't go wrong, it's actually fun tuning it up, you have to love technology. :) and you can just use a small crescent wrench to turn the pegs, you don't need to buy some special tuning wrench, lol. the peg block and sound board are solid, no cracking, etc. and it holds the pitch well. I tuned it to 440.

I would suggest you pick it up . However, if you want to get a mover or arrange some other way to get it, let me know. I would be willing to let it stay at the house for awhile as you arrange for pick up, but you would have to pay for it immediately via Paypal.
if your a long distance away, it's just like a small piece of furniture, easier to move even then a big dresser or wardrobe etc., and not a major deal like a piano or grand piano, it's just not that heavy. easily slide into a mini van, small SUV, etc.

Pictures: Harpsichord, Clavichord - Harpsichord old Zuckermann 24 hours left

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