Harpsichord, Clavichord - Zuckerman Z-kit

Harpsichord, Clavichord listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30473
Harpsichord, Clavichord listedbefore 2020
Price (US Dollars)$800

Description: Harpsichord, Clavichord - Zuckerman Z-kit

Hereís an excellent opportunity to get harpsichord youíve always wanted. This is an early Zuckerman Z-kit, which was assembled fairly nicely with respect to the working parts, but the case is another story. The builder was either unable or unwilling to use cabinet-grade woods for the case, so he built it out of fir plywood. The top was so poorly executed that I just tossed it out and built the one you see in my pix, of cabinet-grade birch ply with solid maple edges. The good news is that the less-than-beautiful case doesnít seem to detract from the sound. Our harpsichord tuner/repairman, Robert Turner re-quilled it about 10 years ago, and pronounced it one of the loudest specimens heíd ever come across. It has two voices, and a buff system I donít fully understand. Needless to say this was sadly a project that we just never had time for, and now weíre out of room for it too. I can e-mail any interested parties a .wav or .mp3 of it being played, and Iím sure youíll agree that this is a real value. Just request pix or sounds from w.s.walkerATverizon.net If youíre into decorative finishing, this could look real smashing, we just never got around to it. Obviously this is only available for pick-up, Iím not going to get into crating and/or shipping. Iíll be happy to make myself available to your shippers, but thatís all up to you! Weíre in the NYC area, about 30 miles north of Manhattan.


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