currency conversion rates

Net Instruments uses currency rates supplied by the Universal Currency Converter.

Our search engine returns prices in the currency you specify. We update our exchange rates regularly, and conversions are calculated via the US dollar where necessary. These equivalent prices are only a guide, actual rates will inevitably be different to those listed here.

The rates currently in use are:

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Irish Pounds (IEP) 0.91
Italian Lire (ITL) 2234.46
Dutch Guilder (NLG) 2.41
Spanish Pesetas (ESP) 182.20
Japanese Yen (JPY) 110.97
South African Rand (ZAR) 6.42
Canadian Dollars (CAD) 1.18
Belgian Franc (BEF) 44.17
Portugese Escudos (PTE) 231.36
Singapore Dollars (SGD) 1.68
Australian Dollars (AUD) 1.30
New Zealand Dollars (NZD) 1.40
Danish Kronor (DKR) 8.61
Norwegian Kronor (NOK) 9.25
Finnish Marks (FIM) 6.51
Swedish Kronor (SEK) 7.64
French Franc (FRF) 7.42
German Marks (DEM) 2.21
Euro (EUR) 0.82
UK Pounds (GBP) 0.55
US Dollars (US$) 1.00
Swiss Franc (CHF) 1.27

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