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how to buy on net instruments


Net Instruments is a classifieds website which works in almost exactly the same way as your local newspaper "for sale" column.


When you want to enquire about an ad, send the advertiser a message using the form below the ad.


You negotiate the terms of the transaction with the seller. You should give careful consideration to security issues such as identification of the seller, security of the payment and shipping conditions including insurance.
Read fraud prevention and security


There is no commission owing to Net Instruments for the sale!


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Beautiful Knabe concert grand piano
Beautiful Knabe Concert Grand Piano...
Silver full metal Pedler Alto Clarinet
Silver Full Metal Pedler Alto Clarinet
Orange-brown colored Violin with European Wood
Orange-brown Colored Violin With European Wood...
Steinway "B" Grand
Steinway "b" Grand...
Art treasure -Antique  Cello
Art Treasure -antique Cello...

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