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fraud prevention and security

Net Instruments recommends precautions to buyers and sellers:

Identify the other party.

Talk to them by phone.

Does their name, address and phone number exist in the phone directory? Check in an online phone directory. Check a real directory - make sure it's not a fake link sent by the other party.

We highly recommend you settle your transaction using to give both parties confidence in the outcome.

Check that you are not using a fake escrow service. Type in Do not use an escrow service or link sent by another party.

Do not send cash or money via Western Union or Money Gram.

Net Instruments is not an auction site like eBay and does not fix transaction terms or provide transaction instructions by email.

Net Instruments does not and will never guarantee a transaction, offer purchase protection or hold a deposit from any party.

As with all online sites, fraud is an issue which affects some transactions. Net Instruments works hard to prevent fraud and you must too. BE CAREFUL.


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