Instrument cases

A major concern of our clients is the safe transportation of these precious instruments. Driven by this constant need, we have been researching on making resilient violin and cello cases for the last 3 years.

A good cello case is essential for protecting the instrument during shipping and handing. Our intial finding shows that ABS and fiberglass, though well-know for being strong composite materials, are not most suited for making cello cases.

However, we finally found a special resin that had the ideal properties and molecular structure for making the peerfect cello cases. These resin are produced in Germany and have been successfully used in the aeronautical industry. The finished resin cello case is extremely light compared to the competition, yet exhibiting extremely good toughness.

An adult could jump on the case and yet causes minimal impact to the protected instrument! Additionally, the cost of these hard cases are very attractive. To complete such a superior product, our cello cases are finished with fine leather handle and quality German metal fittings.


Such innovative technology coupled with such fine handicraft is just another example of HIMA's exceptional works.

We also have cases of highest quality for violin and viola in different colors, shapes and materials including 'double' cases to carry two instruments.



The cases are available from our agents in USA, Singapore, Korea, Japan, England and Europe.

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