Lute for sale - Lute 8 course (brand new)

Lute listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number34163
Lute listed on23 Jan 2012
Price (US Dollars)worldwide shipping $350 shipping 90
Companyhakamdin . com
NameShaheryaar Mirza
Address21/176 Hakam Din Street
Postcode / Zip51310

Lute Location: Overland Park, KS, USA

Description: Lute for sale - Lute 8 course (brand new)

Lute 8 course (brand new)

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This lute has a body made of solid rosewood staves, a rosewood neck and rosewood finger board. The peg box and the pegs are solid rosewood. This lute has beautiful hand painted bowl in orange. The soundboard is made out of spruce with a rosewood bridge. There are 15 string. The bowl has 11 rosewood ribs with a rosewood end cap.

This 8 course lute is based on an instrument made by Hans Frei. This lute is made on Hans Frei's principle of construction and its completely handmade. Comes with a gig bag. Good for all.

All lutes are shipped de-tuned. This removes the tension on the neck to lessen the chances of accidental breakage during shipping. Do not tune the lute higher than G above middle C, the bridge can be pulled off the soundboard if not, you will break the string. Please be careful. Use peg dope for smoother action.

Pictures: Lute for sale - Lute 8 course (brand new)

Picture of Lute - Lute 8 course (brand new)


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