Mixer - 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 Mixer DJ Package

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Mixer listedbefore 2017
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Description: Mixer - 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 Mixer DJ Package

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Package Includes:

2 x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Tabletop Multimedia Player
1 x Pioneer DJM-800 Battle Mixer
CDJ-2000 Features:

Multi Format Playback - The CDJ-2000 enables playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD,DVD-ROM, SD card and USB memory devices.
Pro DJ Link - New Pioneer Pro DJ Link that enables up to four CDJ-2000/900s to beconnected and share a single music source.
6.1” Full Color LCD panel and Graphic User Interface - For displaying song titles, jacket art as well as detailed track information and wave form display of each song so DJs can find informatio nneeded to select a song at a glance.
Needle Search - Helps DJs instantaneously get to a specific part of a song with a simple touch of the Needle Search pad.
MIDI - Users can assign various buttons of the CDJ-2000 to trigger other devices, such as DJ effecters and software with MIDI mapping capability.
Free Rekordbox Music Management Software Included - Both the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 turntables include rekordbox, Pioneer’s proprietary music management software that organizes and catalogs a DJ’s entire music library. When music files are imported to rekordbox, the software analyzes each file and prepares them for use specifically with thenew CDJ turntables.
DJM-800 Features:

Cross Fader Assign allows the DJ to assign each channel's input to the cross fader.
Fader Curve Adjust allows the user to change the cross fader/channel fader curve.
When connected to a Pioneer CDJ player, the Fader Start allows playback to be started by simply sliding the cross fader or channel fader.
A built-in three-band equalizer enables level control within a –26dB to +6dB range for high, mid, low bands, respectively.
The Talk Over feature automatically lowers track volume so an MC can talk over the track.
The Mic Signal Cut eliminates the microphone sound output to the booth monitor to prevent feedback.
The DJ can check the peak level of the input audio for each channel and the master
Input / Output
4 Channels
4 Digital Inputs
5 Line Inputs
3 Turntable Inputs
4 Switchable Digital/Line Inputs
4 Fader Start Inputs
RCA & XLR Outputs
2 Mic Inputs
3 Band EQ per channel(-26dB to +6dB)
EQ Off/On/Talkober switch
2 Band Mic EQ
3 Position Adjustable Channel Fader Curve
3 Position Adjustable Cross Fader Curve
Headphone Monitor auditioning
Stereo Send / Return
Weight: 8kg / 17.6 lbs
Dimensions: 12-5/8 in. (W) x 15 in. (D) x 4-1/4 in. (H)


Pictures: Mixer - 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 Mixer DJ Package

Picture of Mixer - 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 Mixer DJ Package


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