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Description: Oboe - F.Loree Oboe

F.Loree Oboe, A Paris Beautiful sounding instrument.

The Loree belonged to my daughter who played it in the Triangle Youth Philharmonic. She is very good at the oboe but is wanting money to go to college to become an MD and has no time to practice.

I just took the oboe into Marsh Woodwinds here in Raleigh, to be cleaned and oiled and anything else that is necessary. In addition to a beautiful sounding Loree oboe, there is a sheepskin lined outer case and an HC brand, wooden, double-reed case, along with 3 professional reeds, and a KORG digital tuner.

The Loree oboe serial numbers on the top and center are FH94 and the bell is an AK, ID05. Mr. Marsh said that the bell was probably changed by a professional to give it a better sound. He also said that it had no cracks and would hold a vacuum "forever".

We purchased the Loree from a student of M. Ostich who is the oboe professor at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. He played it and said it he liked it himself and that it was worth the price..

This Loree is one of the older Lorees which were made with the aged, fine grained, Grenadilla wood. Apparently that wood has been completely used up and the newer Lorees are made with inferior wood that is prone to cracking. (There is a 1999 model currently listed with a crack in it.) According to Peter Hurd, "The wood Loree uses now seems in general to be of much poorer quality than (say) pre 1980s. It tends to be "open grain" (porous) and quite prone to cracking. Within the last two years Loree oboes seem to have difficulty with response in high (harmonic register). This has been documented by master repairman Alvin Swiney, and confirmed by John Mack and Jonathon Dhouley in the IDRS online list."

Perhaps like some violins, the oboe becomes better with age.

If you have an interest I can send pictures as soon as the oboe is back from its reconditioning at Marsh's.

You may call me at 919 567-0042 during the day or at 919 567-0433 evenings, or
email: will(at)actLinux.com

Kind regards,,

Patrick J. Williams


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