Oboe - F. Loree Oboe - Golden Era A-series

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Description: Oboe - F. Loree Oboe - Golden Era A-series

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For Sale: Loree Oboe #AJ12 (made in 1938)

This beautiful vintage loree is in excellent condition for its age, with minor plating wear, all new cork pads, and no cracks.

It plays well throughout its range, though could use an adjustment . Its cork pads were installed by Kristen Bertrand in New York City, a repair person of great esteem. It has an added left hand f key, which was likely done not long after initial purchase. This is essential for practical use today.

The AJ series was made in 1938, a golden era in loreeís history. Oboists like Marcel Tabuteau, Ray Still, and Marc Lifschey never stopped playing their A-series during their careers, and many current professionals continue to play exclusively on A-series even today. They were made during a time before Loree switched to a production line method, so were made start to finish exclusively by true masters of the craft. In addition, the grenadilla wood supply at the time was much better, allowing the use of well-aged, extremely dense wood that is not available today.

Iíve used this oboe as a backup instrument and reference for the past four years. It has been only lightly and occasionally played during this time, and as far as I am aware was a single-owner instrument when I purchased it. It plays beautifully, with a sweeter, lighter sound than Lorees made today. A true piece of oboe history fit for a collector, serious student, proffessional, or anyone in between.

I would be happy to send a video recording of the instrument being played to those considering purchase. Simply send me a private message and I'll make one for you. Comes in a red Loree double case.

Pictures: Oboe - F. Loree Oboe - Golden Era A-series

Picture of Oboe - F. Loree Oboe - Golden Era A-series


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