Oboe - Semi-professional Buffet Crampon Oboe 4052

Oboe listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number43189
Oboe listedbefore 2017
Price (Australian Dollars)$2500 + shipping
Converted price (US$)$1923 + shipping (approx)

Description: Oboe - Semi-professional Buffet Crampon Oboe 4052

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This semi-professional Buffet 4052 oboe has a pure sweet sound, easy response and even tone in all registers. It is great for intermediate and advancing students. It is based on Buffet's professional model and is made with African black wood for the body and the bore is lined with luracast resin, making the instrument highly crack resistant.

Purchased in 2007 for AU$3500 (worth $4000), now selling for $2500, this oboe is also for sale in a couple of woodwind shops: first come, first served. It is in good condition, with original case, reed case, and screwdriver. (Please note that shipping is not included in the price.)


-3rd Octave key
-Forked F
-Left-Hand F
-Double G# (left and right hands)
-Left-hand Eb
-Low Bb resonance key for improved tuning
-Double C# trill key
-Low C/C# link to Bb (trill)
-Conservatiore System
-Silver keywork
-Standard Buffet Crampon Case
-3 space reed case

This was my oboe until recently, as I got a new oboe. I recently have been accepted into the Conservatorium of Music and need the money from this oboe so I can move down for University.

Pictures: Oboe - Semi-professional Buffet Crampon Oboe 4052

Picture of Oboe - Semi-professional Buffet Crampon Oboe 4052


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