Organ - Allen 202-C Digital Computer Organ with AGO pedal board

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Description: Organ - Allen 202-C Digital Computer Organ with AGO pedal board

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Allen 202-C Digital Computer Organ with AGO pedal board, amplifier in console, and two external speakers. Owner's manual in Adobe Acrobat file.

This fully working organ began life in July 1977 at Sacred Heart Parish in Troy, Illinois, where it remained in service until 1995 when the Parish purchased a larger instrument for their new sanctuary.

It was traded to Classic Keyboards of St. Louis, Missouri. Sometime after that, the organ was sold to Parkway United Church of Christ in St. Louis where it remained until being sold to a private home setting in September, 2004. In July

of 2009, the organ was purchased by myself and brought to Dallas, Texas, to serve as a practice instrument for my wife, the organist/choirmaster at large Catholic parish in Dallas.

It is being offered for sale at this time because we have since acquired a three-manual organ for her practice needs.

Pedal: Prinzipal 16', Bourdon 16', Lieblich Gedeckt 16', Octav 8', Gedeckt Flote 8', Choral Bass 4', Mixture II, Posaune 16', Trompete 8', Fagotto 4', Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal.

Swell: Salizional 8', Salizional II 8', Gemshorn 8', Gedeckt 8', Spitz Prinzipal 4', Koppel Flote 4', Nasat 2-2/3', Blockflote 2', Sifflote 1', Mixtur III, Contra Fagotto 16', Hautbois 8', Trompette 8', Clairon 4', Chiff, Tremulant.

Great: Quintaden 16', Prinzipal 8', Dulciana 8', Hohlflote 8', Flute Dolce 8', Oktav 4', Spitzflote 4', Quinte 2-2/3', Doublette 2', Waldflote 2', Mixtur IV, Schalmei 8', Percussion, Swell to Great, Tremulant.

Five non-programmable present pistons, transposer, mellow to bright voicing control, one master expression pedal, independent control for sharp attack in both Swell and Great, random motion control, speech articulation control, sustain


The cabinet is in good shape with wear consistent with age.

This organ can go right to work in a small church setting or as a home practice instrument.

The organ can be seen and played by appointment in Dallas, Texas.

Pictures: Organ - Allen 202-C Digital Computer Organ with AGO pedal board

Picture of Organ - Allen 202-C Digital Computer Organ with AGO pedal board


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