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Unfortunately I am forced to sell my very gorgeous Estey two-manual and pedal reed organ from 1923. As a professional organist, it has been used by me to practice on at home, and has been kept in a climate and humidity controlled environment. The utmost care has been given to this organ. This organ was originally from a Catholic church in Detroit and would make an amazing addition to anybody's home or church. The organ includes a bench and working electric blower motor (it can also be hand-cranked). It has been meticulously dismanteled step-by-step for easy transportation and includes the "Antique Reed Organs" guide by Horton Presley to repairing, tuning, assembling, and restoring the organ. The serial number of this organ is 438739.

1. Great: 16' Clarinet, 8' Open Diapason, 8' Dulciana, 8' Trumpet
2. Swell: 8' Salicional. 8' Vox Celeste, 4' Flute, 8' Oboe
3. Pedal: 16' Open Diapason, 16' Dulciana
4. Couplers: Swell to Pedal, Great to Pedal, Octave Coupler and Swell to Great
5. Other: Tremolo, Swell Pedal and Grand Organ high pedal

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the organ or would like to see additional pictures. This is an amazing organ at an amazing price. I am not looking to make any profit on this organ, but rather see it go to a good home or church where it can be fully appreciated.

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