Organ - 1999 Lowrey Jubilee Model LC/30

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Instrument number33278
Organ listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)$8000 + shipping

Description: Organ - 1999 Lowrey Jubilee Model LC/30

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Excellent Condition - No scratches - Used a handful of times by a 90 year old Great Grandmother. She purchased it brand new in 1999 and passed away in 2003. I'm finally ready to sell. See description below.

Rythym Styles BIG BAND - Swing Band, Smooth & Mellow
FOX TROT -Champagne, Charleston
COUNTRY - Easy Country,The Train
GOSPEL - Joyful Revival, Church Organ
BROADWAY - The Broadway, Sleigh Bells
HAWAIIAN - Aloha, Paradise
'MARCH - Thundering 4/4, Grand March
SWING MARCH - Triplets 6/8, Italian 6/8
SOFT & EASY - Easy 4/4, Guitars
BALLAD - 50's Slow 6/8, Ballad Triplets
ROCK'N ROLL - 50's Swing Rock, Easy Rock
CONTEMPO - Folk, Disco
'EASY LATIN - Bossa Plus, Rhumba/Cha-Cha
LATIN - Samba, Tango
WALTZ - Easy Waltz, Country Waltz
POLKA - Polka Band, Happy Polka
Rythym Features Orch Plus Volume, Genie, Orch Plus, Auto Bass 1, 2, MCS, Memory, Variation, Rhythm Preset, Rhythm Only, Intro/Ending, Start Stop,FX, Rhythm Volume, Rhythm Tempo, Downbeat Display,
Presets General Presets(8), Memorize (custom)
Orchestral Sounds Piano,Jazz Guitar,Banjo,Horn,Vibes,Accordion,Electric Piano,Country Guitar,Hawaiian Guitar,Trombone,Marimba,Orch Genius (25 Sounds)
Bass Tabs Bass 16,Bass 8,Ensemble Bass,Pedal Genius (25 Sounds),Bass Volume,
Lower Tabs Lower Genius (25 Sounds), Strings, Flute 8, Flute 4, Lower Volume
Upper Tabs Sustain Long, Sustain Medium, Vocal, Strings 16, Strings 8, Flute 16,Flute 8, Flute 5 1/3, Flute 4, Flute 2, Jazz Organ, Pipe Organ, Vocal/String Volume
Upper Theater Tabs n/a
Graphic Mixer Master Volume, Reverb Amount
Animation Vibra Trem Fast, Vibra Trem Slow
Information Center 2 line, 17 Character Display, Scroll, Tempo/Chord-Pedal/Key Display
Golden Harp n/a
Harmony AOC, Duet
Music Recorder Accomp Track, Upper Track, Erase, Record, Stop Play/Pause, Merge Record
Disk Drive 3.5" format, Record/Play LC Performance, Play MIDI files, Capture Presets
Advanced Features Set Key Split, AOC All, Orch Octave, Solo Octave, Keyed Drums,Sound Effects, Format Disk, Load Presets, Save Presets, Delete Presets,Rename Preset Group,Delete Song, Copy Song To Same Disk, Copy Song to Different Disk, Chain Songs, Rename Song, Lighty Show
Connections Stereo Output Jacks, Stereo Input Jacks, MIDI In-Out-Thru
Keyboards 49 Note Lower Manual, 13 Note Pedal Board
Sound System 2-3" High Range, 80 Total Watts
Dimensions 26" Deep, 41" High (Rack Removed), 49" (Rack Installed), 244 lbs. With Bench

Pictures: Organ - 1999 Lowrey Jubilee Model LC/30

Picture of Organ - 1999 Lowrey Jubilee Model LC/30


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