Organ - Allen Three-Manual Model 1405 DKC

Organ listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number42480
Organ listedbefore 2019
Price (US Dollars)Depending on configuration $15000 - 30000 FOB Dallas, TX

Description: Organ - Allen Three-Manual Model 1405 DKC

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For sale is a Three-Manual Allen MOS2 Digital DKC Organ, Model 1405, S/N:48458, ready to go to work for you right now. This is not a fixer-upper, but a working instrument ideal for a church or other venue wanting a classical organ for pennies on the dollar, compared to new instruments.

I am the owner of this instrument, not a dealer of instruments. My wife is the organist and AGO member in the family, and I bought this organ in working condition for her to use in our home as a practice instrument. We're now moving to a smaller home and need to find a new "home" for the 1405.

This instrument played every Sunday in a large traditionally-styled church in Nashville, TN, right up until the arrival of their new Allen Four-manual in the summer of 2009.

I personally hauled it from Nashville and reassembled the organ in our Dallas, TX, home. I am prepared to load it up and bring it to you -- and make it play in whatever space you have. It will easily fill a large traditional church space and can be trimmed down to play nicely in chapels, funeral homes, or even a private home.

Included in the offering is the console/bench/pedal board, amplifier rack, 26 Allen speakers measuring 18"x18"x33" (including two for the en chamade), and 16 smaller presence projector speakers about the size of a bread box which gives the organ a brightness in sound. In the original large church configuration, it was installed with two speaker chambers, one on either side of the chancel -- each containing eight of the large speakers, and an antiphional division in the back of the church with the remaining eight standard speakers plus the two en chamade speakers.

Because of the variety of installation possibilities, all terms are negotiable. Let's talk.

Pictures: Organ - Allen Three-Manual Model 1405 DKC

Picture of Organ - Allen Three-Manual Model 1405 DKC


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