Organ - PIPE ORGAN in excellent condition for sale

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Description: Organ - PIPE ORGAN in excellent condition for sale

PIPE ORGAN IN EXCELLENT CONDITION - This unit organ in excellent condition is still installed at our church, but is no longer used by our church for worship purposes. It was built in 1966 by South African Organ Builders (OPUS number 615) and consists of the following ranks:
§ Bourdon 16’ with 97 pipes
§ Prestant 8’ with 85 pipes
§ Salicionaal 8’ with 73 pipes
§ Trompet 8’ with 73 pipes
§ Mikstuur 3-4 ranks with 232 pipes

A report by the organ builder company who originally built the organ, dated 2 March 2005 (and available upon request), states that "the organ has two manuals and one pedal with no noticeable defects. The bellows is in order and the blower does not cause unnecessary noise. The swell motor is in a good working condition, but the sheepskin will have to be replaced sooner or later".

"The console is neatly maintained and all electrical contacts are in good working condition. The casing consists mainly of a façade with front pipes".

"If the organ is going to be sold, the possibility may arise that 2 sides, a back and a top would need to be supplied. The console is manufactured of mahogany wood and preserved well".

Please contact me if you require more information, and I will send the entire technical specification as well as photos of the pipe organ.


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