Electronic Instrument - McIntosh C2300 Tube Stereo Preamp C-2300 Preamplifier N

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Description: Electronic Instrument - McIntosh C2300 Tube Stereo Preamp C-2300 Preamplifier N

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In today’s ultra competitive money driven business world many companies compromise quality for profit margins, this statement is especially true in the audio component industry. They figure most people sparsely use an audio component for a couple of years then replace it. Lets face their goal is to get a few hundred bucks from us every couple of years, they could care less about what happens to their products after they are sold.

McIntosh Labs is the complete opposite of this ideology; they create an audio component with the idea that this is something that you will cherish the rest of your life. This is not just a groundless claim; the fact is 80% of the McIntosh components produced since 1949 are still in use today, no other audio component manufacture can make this claim. The exceptional longevity of McIntosh products owes to a design philosophy established with the very first McIntosh amp: that every component will be created with capacity so great that it will never be operated at or near its stress point. From the initial design process all the way to the shipping department, they take painstaking efforts to ensure that every McIntosh component is “perfect”. Since the late 40’s this rare philosophy has been the driving force behind this exemplary company and it has certainly been the reason why so many people love McIntosh components.
The McIntosh C2300 preamplifier was introduced in 2002 and is still a current product in McIntosh’s line today. It was built to replace the popular C2200. McIntosh kept everything that made the c2200 so well liked and added a host of new and innovative features and functions.
The C2300’s design is rooted deeply into McIntosh’s most famous designs of yesteryear, yet with a modern twist and a level of technological ingenuity that can only be described as revolutionary. The preamp is truly significant in that it ties together the past and the future in perfect harmony. McIntosh engineers managed to walk a very fine line, preserving the magical tube sound that forged their reputation while addressing the weaknesses that were previously considered inherent with tubedcomponents. Imagine the liveliness, full-bodied tone and unmatched sweetness of the 12AX7, without sacrificing transient response or subtle sonic details. An accomplishment that very few can lay claim too. Moreover, what is truly amazing is how well the C2300 manages a wide range of source components, whether vintage or modern, without degrading this signal purity in the least.

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