String Instrument - Viola da Gamba

String Instrument listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number43473
String Instrument listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$1200 or best offer

Description: String Instrument - Viola da Gamba

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I purchased this instrument in 2007, from a dealer in California. I've played it a lot over the past 6 years and so the good news is itís played in, the bad news is the frets could probably stand to be replaced, as they are starting to show signs of wear. Other than the normal wear on the frets, the instrument is in near perfect condition. This 6 string Richard Mears model viol was made by Charlie Ogle. The instrument includes a soft padded case, which came with the instrument. The instrument sells new for around $2000. Iím happy to except offers. Oh and lastly, why am I selling it, because itís time for an upgrade. This is a great beginner bass viol, but after a while, you just need something better. I am also selling a Chris English blackwood bass viol bow on net instruments.

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