Woodwind Instrument - Gemeinhardt 4PSH piccolo and rosewood fife

Woodwind Instrument listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number25646
Woodwind Instrument listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)around $500 - 1000 email me to give offer

Description: Woodwind Instrument - Gemeinhardt 4PSH piccolo and rosewood fife

This is for 1 Gemeinhardt 4PSH piccolo and a rosewood fife.

The piccolo was purchased off of ebay on January 29th, 2001. After the purchase, it was professionally repadded and had a spring replaced. The total of all of that so far at the time was approx. $404. Since that time, I have played the piccolo approximately 20-30 times since I also play the flute and bass clarinet most of the time. It was well taken care of and only has 1 dent on the embouchure plate. The pads are unbleached which I feel makes the piccolo look cleaner with the color changes of the silverplated keys, the white pads, and the black plastic body of the piccolo.

The fife has no makers marks and was also purchased off of ebay. The fife was purchased originally for a class project during April of 2000. This fife is in excellent condition and has brass ferrules. The rosewood is like new with very light scratches from almost daily usage by me and has about 8 very minor dings which aren't deep, and the biggest one is about the size of |.| . There is an interesting story behind the fife. The man that I bought it off ebay from had bought it off a man in his 80s. The 80 year old had received it from his grandfather when he (the 80 yr. old) was in his teens. It was used when the old man had it so, who knows how old it actually is. Well, let me know what you think its worth and how much you'd consider buying it for and I'll let you know what I decide.

By the way, the piccolo's serial number is: 95477 and is in the key of concert "C".


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