Woodwind Instrument - Taragot (Tara'ga'to')

Woodwind Instrument listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number33220
Woodwind Instrument listedbefore 2016
Price (US Dollars)around $1800 negotiable+shipping

Description: Woodwind Instrument - Taragot (Tara'ga'to')

I believe this to be a Taragot made in Romania. There is a sales certificate with it that states it was made in 1981 by COOP TIMIS TIMISOARA. It is like an Albert system soprano sax. It is made from rosewood and is reddish in color. Joints are not corked but are tightly rapped with string. I comes with a mouthpiece which accepts a Soprano Sax reed, however, it is definately not a soprano sax mouthpiece. It looks to be in good shape, keys and pads look good. I am a sax/clarinet player and I have tried to play this instrument, the sound is somewhere between a sax and a clarinet. It does not play like either a sax or a clarinet, the fingering is quite different. I believe these instruments are popular in Hungarian Folk music. The instrument also has a case, that I believe is also original to the instrument.


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