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Description: PA system - QSC Subwoofer & PA Cabinet

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Both were for home use, great condition!!

QSC HPR152F 15" 2 Way Powered PA Cabinet (1 cabinet - picture shows multiple views) (List Price $1499)
The bi-amplified 15" 2-way HPR152F is a versatile speaker that is at home in nearly any sound reinforcement setting. A high-power low frequency driver with a 3" voice-coil provides extension down to 48 Hz. The 1.75" (diaphragm) compression driver on a 90° x 60° horn delivers smooth high frequencies up to 20 kHz. The power module includes a 100 Hz high-pass filter (HPF) for use in subwoofer equipped systems.

QSC HPR151W 15" Powered Subwoofer (List Price $1499)
The HPR151W is capable of producing 133 dB peak SPL with frequency response down to 43 Hz and sound quality that rivals many 18" subwoofers. A top-mounted 35mm pole socket is provided. It puts out an astounding 700 watts of program power.

For high-level dance music or reinforcement of bass instruments and kick drum, an HPR series subwoofer will add low-frequency extension and power to any sound system. Flexible input signal processing and connectivity allow the subwoofers to be used in systems consisting of a single sub and two tops or larger systems employing multiple subwoofers. The signal processing complement includes a stereo electronic crossover with balanced line-level outputs for connection to any powered two or three-way mid/high speaker.

The speaker components are protected by a heavy 16 gauge perforated steel grille with a distinctive and professional appearance. A grille-mounted power LED may be disabled by means of a rear-panel switch when desired.

Every HPR model is built around a high-power, reliable QSC power module using the same top-quality components and design standards as QSC rack-mount amplifiers. Thick aluminum heat sink extrusions with deep fins provide mechanical strength and plenty of surface area to keep the module running cool. While many powered speaker amplifier modules use low-cost “chip amps”, the HPR series features discrete component designs that deliver the best possible performance even when pushed to the limit. The power modules incorporate sophisticated signal processing functions carefully tailored to the loudspeaker system. Each amplifier channel includes its own limiting with the parameters individually optimized for the frequency band.
· The only portable powered speakers with legendary QSC amplifier power and reliability
· Amplifiers use discrete component designs (no "chip-amps")
· Attractive and professional appearance
· Rugged 13-ply birch enclosures
· Tour-grade 16 gauge steel grilles
· Ergonomic handles with comfortable, non-slip grip
· Pole sockets accommodate 35mm
· Subwoofer models include stereo crossover with outputs for powered satellite speakers

Pictures: PA system - QSC Subwoofer & PA Cabinet

Picture of PA system - QSC Subwoofer & PA Cabinet


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