Recorder (woodwind instrument) - Looking for an alto recorder in 440

Recorder (woodwind instrument) listing typeWanted
Instrument number42858
Recorder (woodwind instrument) listed on18 Jun 2012
CompanySlope Music
NameMartin Bernstein
Postcode / Zip11215

Recorder (woodwind instrument) Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Description: Recorder (woodwind instrument) - Looking for an alto recorder in 440

I am currently searching for a new or used, high-quality alto recorder in a = 440. I would love to find one made by Von Huene, Prescott, or Boudreau, but if anyone has one by other makers I will also consider it. I am also interested in a modern alto, specifically a Moeck-Ehlert. I prefer Grenadilla, Ebony, Rosewood, or European Boxwood, but again if anyone has an instrument in another wood, I will consider it. I want something rich and powerful (volume is key) with a good baroque sound. Thanks.


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