Recorder (woodwind instrument) - Rosenborg Transitional Soprano (A=415) by Ralf Ehlert (boxwood)

Recorder (woodwind instrument) listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30239
Recorder (woodwind instrument) listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$1100 obo

Description: Recorder (woodwind instrument) - Rosenborg Transitional Soprano (A=415) by Ralf Ehlert (boxwood)

***Must Sell***

This instrument was made by master recorder maker Ralf Ehlert. The other instruments I have from him include two baroque altos, a ganassi alto in G, a second Rosenborg soprano and a voice flute after Bressan. In my opinion he is amongst the top makers today.

This instrument is perfect for playing music of the 17th century, and is more than likely of the type which would have been used by Jacob Van Eyck.

Its pitched at A=415 and has a full and powerful sound, easily working within a large ensemble and excellent for solo work. Its range is two octaves and a 3rd (to high E) easily and beyond with creative fingering.

It was purchased in '03 has been recently revoiced by the maker (November '04) and includes a pouch for storage.

This instrument from the maker would be 1000E. (about 1300USD).

Photo available upon request.


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