Recorder (woodwind instrument) - "Rottenburgh" Recorder by MOECK/Germany

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Description: Recorder (woodwind instrument) - "Rottenburgh" Recorder by MOECK/Germany

SOPRANO RECORDER 129 Natural Maple in C - brandnew !

For advanced and professional recorder players

Copies made after historical original recorders by Jean-Hyacinth-Josef Rottenburgh, Europe, Brussels, 1672 - 1756

In 1966 the renownded recorder maker Friedrich von Huene (Boston, USA) had the chance to play and examine nearly all the original recorders kept in European museums.
His work resulted in the basic model of MOECK-ROTTENBURGH Baroque Recorders in modern tuning built after the instruments made by Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh, Brussels, 1672 - 1756.
These instruments are true all-rounders and they remain reliable and easy to play also after extensive use.

All these recorders are availabe in different sizes and materials : Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass,
in natural maple, maple stained, natural pearwood, pearwood stained, castello-boxwood, palisander, ebony, olive or rosewood.
Pitch of A = 440 Hz

All instruments have double holes (Sopranino, Soprano, Alto) or double keys ( Bass).
Tenors have a choice of double holes or double keys, designed for small hands.

SOPRANO RECORDER 129 Natural Maple in C - brandnew !

Standard range of more than 2 octaves : from c1 to d3 and more

Delivery including padded case

The following instruments are available as well : PLEASE ASK !
CRUMHORNS and CORNAMUSES for Renaissance consorts.
DULCIANS are predecessors of the later bassoon as are SHAWM and SCHALMEI of the later oboe.
RENAISSANCE TRANSVERSE FLUTES are soft in sound and rieh in fundamental content and are thus suitable for smaller instrumentations.
CORNETS are instruments with cupped mouthpieces, but have finger-holes like recorders.

The MOECK company is one of the most famous and experienced instrument makers in Europe.

SOPRANO RECORDER 129 Natural Maple in C - brandnew !

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