Saxophone - BUY NOW! Beautiful silver/gold plated Pierret Alto Saxophone

Saxophone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30035
Saxophone listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)649 plus shipping

Description: Saxophone - BUY NOW! Beautiful silver/gold plated Pierret Alto Saxophone

Pierret was a french manufacturer that built only professional handcrafted saxophones in their small workshop in Paris until 1972. Many describe their sound and tooling as a blend of the best american (Conn, Martin) and french saxopohones (Selmer, SML, Buffet) - I agree. Pierret is not well known and therefore pretty much undervalued on the vintage saxophone market - bad for sellers, good for buyers. I try to offer this special horn for a sensible fair price that will definitely satisfy the buyer. Please contact me for more pics!

This model was built around 1940, it has a Microtuner neck and a nailfile G# key like vintage CONN saxophones. The overall feeling when playing it reminds me a lot of Martin Saxophones of the same era. It has a powerful but very warm and lush sound.

The saxophone was owned buy one person for more than 50 years until I purchased it. It was completely overhault with new pads and springs, new heavy silver plated with a gold wash bell and after that not played for some years. When I got it I spend some work to get it back into good playing condition since the pads were dry. Right now it works well. Unfortunately I have to sell it to finance my move to Berlin - I purchased it intentionally to keep it forever as my second alto.

It plays wonderful with a warm projected singing quality and excellent intonation and opens up easily for lead alto playing with my SELMER SOLOIST mouthpiece. It is a very flexible instrument for jazz and classical saxophone. It does not have at all any dings or dells or other damages and comes in the original case. This is a top professional vintage saxophone in superb condition for the price of a new non chinese student saxophone. Happy bidding! Shipping insured to the US is 85 US$.

LAST NOTE FOR BUYERS: This still is a vintage, 60 years old instrument which is not like a newly built instrument. I have described the instrument and its condition from my best point of knowledge but I do not offer a guarantee for this item. All sales are final. Please contact me if you need further information or pictures.


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