Saxophone - Mark VI Low A Baritone Saxophone

Saxophone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number33908
Saxophone listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$4250

Description: Saxophone - Mark VI Low A Baritone Saxophone

I have owned this 282,xxx serial number, 1979 production Selmer Mark VI Low A Baritone Saxophone for for 2 1/2 years. Pics are available by clicking the link at the bottom of this listing. Immediately after purchasing it, I spent a considerable amount of money having one of the New York area's most respected saxophone tech "give it what it needs". After replacing many pads, and a full regulation, the horn plays evenly, in tune and with a full rich sound that is a tightly focused, decidedly Selmer sound. It has been in for regulation twice since then, most recently this past June. This horn is gig-ready.

Even though Selmer switched over to Mark VII production on alto and tenor somewhere in the 230-240's, they continued to manufacture Mark VI's in Baritone and soprano, and ultimately never made a Mark VII baritone or soprano (although some claim a few exist). This horn is Mark VI through and through. Typical of these horns, though, it is not marked Mark VI anywhere on the body.

Condition wise, this baby will win no beauty contests. The lacquer is speckled in some places, in other places it is worn to the bare brass. The neck is devoid of lacquer, however has never suffered a pull down and has a recent new cork.

The body tube is fairly clean but does have a number of small dings, mostly below the right thumbrest. The bow is dinged, the bow guard has one spot that is pushed in slightly. The bell is dinged and , mainly on the lower portion that meets the bow. Overall I would conservatively say the original lacquer is 65-70 percent.

Pads are in fine shape, many being just 2 years old, others are soft, supple and still sealing well with lots of life left in them. The action is a bit on the heavy side, but quiet and quite tight with little or no play. This horn is sold with a nearly new protec contour case.

I am asking $4250 for this horn plus shipping from 12603. I have some references from saxophonists I have sold instruments to over the internet. Rest assured, that this instrument is real, I have it in my possesion, I am real, and that this instrument is not one of those all too frequent scams.

A late MKVI Bari just sold for $7850 at a famous mid-west saxophone seller. While that was a real pretty looking horn, I doubt it played much better than my true "players horn". Save big $$$


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