Saxophone - Padtools for Sax alto tenor bari

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Description: Saxophone - Padtools for Sax alto tenor bari

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Tools for saxophone pads assembly
A new way for a better job! Saxophone keys with new pads.
These tools is the best for any saxophone work at all.
Suisse quality.
A set of 8 professional tools for installation new pads on a alto, bari or tenor sax and flat sharpen tone holes.
You only need this tool for all sizes of pads. For all plastic or steel resonator pads.
Leaky padding is the principal reason for badly playable saxophones. In the deep situations that becomes particularly apparent, if an upper pad is not close. The tool set is established of many years and facilitates the professional installation of the pads with alto -, tenor- and baritonsaxophonen. I use it also for Sopransaxophone and clarinets. You will be amazed with the resulting sounds action of your saxophone.
Stainless steel, the Saxophone-Pad-Tools are a sturdy 1.00 mm and 0.25 mm and 3 mm thick. In addition to being non-corrosive, the stainless steel is also much stronger and rigid than mild steels or brass, giving the tool far superior bending strength:
1. Levelling angle for tuning level
2. Pads tuning flat level
3. Pads tuning flat level
4. Pads tuning flat level
2 tools for press adjustment/levelling
2 sharpen tools for sandpaper for the precise plane grinding of the tone hole
Inclusive a comprehensive manual/description show you to work with this tools.
Manual is inclusive on a CD in PDF.
The Manual is in German, Frensh an English.

shipping is 15$ worldwide

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