Saxophone - 1951 Selmer SBA Tenor Sax!!!

Saxophone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number29549
Saxophone listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$4900

Description: Saxophone - 1951 Selmer SBA Tenor Sax!!!

This is a vintage 1951 Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax, serial number 46425. There are no dents, whatsoever and no signs of solder work. It has about 66% dark lacquer left on it. As an accomplished player, I've always been most concerned with sound and feel, and as such I am not an expert on lacquer. I don't know if this is original lacquer, but it looks like it to me. If it was relacquered it must have been a very long time ago. The engravings and serial number seem very crisp and clear to me. In any case, my uncertainty is why I'm not selling it for more and why I have a 3 week trial period. As for what matters to the player, this is the most comfortable saxophone I have ever played. The palm keys and high notes on the left hand flow like water. The sound is vintage Selmer and very open as there is not so much lacquer holding it back. This sax has been well taken care of and fully checked by an authorized technician. Anyone lucky enough to get this saxophone will be very happy!


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