Saxophone - Selmer Mark VI alto

Saxophone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30023
Saxophone listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)around $2700 + shipping

Description: Saxophone - Selmer Mark VI alto

Beautiful early 70s(198xxx) Mark VI Selmer alto saxophone. Excellent condition, 85% original lacquer, recently adjusted, original tre-pac case, no body or neck damage, a real classic. I purchased this horn from its original owner<--(my high school gym coach) about 7 years ago, the horn hadnít been played in years. I then had it overhauled($500) and began playing it regularly. Since then it has traveled with me all over the world from the pit of Cirque De Soleil, Holland America cruise line, the Caribbean with Reggae International, back to Austin Texas my home were I play in many classical quartets do legit solo gigs and jam at the local bebop club. This horn is the most versatile, open blowing VI I have ever played, it has exceptional altissimo(anyone who wants to pop high F#s and up will love this horn), the keys are mother of pearl and fit right under your fingers, for doubling the tre-pac case allows you to carry a flute and clarinet inside of it. The million dollar question is "why are you selling it?" well in Austin Texas "the Live Music Capitol of the World" and one of the homes of Blues music everybody needs a tenor player, so I am not fighting with my band leaders anymore and am getting some cash to buy a tenor.


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