Saxophone - Selmer Mark VI Bari Sax Lacquer

Saxophone listing typeFor Sale
Instrument number30501
Saxophone listedbefore 2017
Price (US Dollars)$1200 +shipping

Description: Saxophone - Selmer Mark VI Bari Sax Lacquer

This is a Selmer Mark VI bari sax, serial number 100xxx. This horn has just received a full Saxquest overhaul and set up, and will be performing well for quite a while.

This sax wonít win any beauty contests, but then again most saxophone players wonít either. It has about 70% of the original lacquer still intact. The bari has been completely restored, and any dent repair or resolder work has been performed to our exacting standards. It has been completely repadded using top grade Prestini pads with original style metal resonators. It has a medium-light key tension, which leaves the feel of the horn truly effortless.

This is a true playerís bari sax. It has a full open sound with a ton of power down in the bell. Itís can be a real aggressive instrument when you really push it and it doesn't give out on you. It stays fat into the palm keys without closing up on you in the least and whispers down to low Bb with ease. The intonation is surprisingly very good with middle D registering just a bit sharp and the palm keys staying right in tune. The horn does come with the original neck, with the matching serial number;


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