Speakers - JBL Professional Series 12" model 2204H - speaker and cabinet

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Description: Speakers - JBL Professional Series 12" model 2204H - speaker and cabinet

JBL Professional Series 12" model 2204H - speaker and cabinet

Used sparingly when I played casuals as crossover top of dual speaker bass rig.
Cabinet ported with single 1/4" jack on back.
Bottom line, a great sounding speaker.

Cabinet dimensions:
22" wide
12" deep
15 1/2" high w/feet
Also w/partially recessed carrying handle.

From JBL's specs:
350 W continuous pink noise power capacity
100 mm (4 in) edgewound copper ribbon voice coil
35 Hz-4 kHz response 95 dB sensitivity, 1 W, 1 m (3.3 ft)

The jBL Model 2204H represents JBLís latest engineering developments in low frequency driver design. Specifically designed for direct-radiator vented-box applications, it has the ruggedness to withstand high-power sound reinforcement use. The extended length of the voice coil allows increased linear travel, and carefully selected sus- pension elements provide an optimum balance of motor and suspension forces to produce tight, accurate transient characteristics and complete freedom from dynamic instabilities. The 2204H is a highly efficient, low frequency loudspeaker Compared to other loudspeakers having similar sensitivity, its frequency response is unusually linear, varying only +3 dB from 70 Hz to 2 kHz. Its performance characteristics make it well suited for use as a small stage monitor loud- speaker or as a low frequency driver in installations where mounting space is restricted. A tough, double roll compliance increases power handling and reliability. This unique cone termina- tion is completely passive so that sound quality remains virtually unchanged during sustained high power inputs. The cone, voice coil, and spider are assembled with state-of-the-art high-temperature adhesives, resulting in an exceptionally strong bond and greater structural integrity. The magnetic assembly of the 2204H incorpo- rates JBLís unique Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG), which reduces second harmonic distortion to inconsequential levels. Each component is pre- cisely machined to concentrate a maximum amount of magnetic energy in the voice coil gap. The combination of this powerful magnetic structure, a rugged cone assembly and 100 mm diameter edgewound copper ribbon voice coil enable the 2204H to achieve its 350 W continuous pink noise power capacity, exceptional sensitivity, and smooth acoustic output.


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