Timpani - Antique English Hand-Tuned Timpani

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Instrument number44560
Timpani listedbefore 2018
Price (US Dollars)$3000 OBO

Description: Timpani - Antique English Hand-Tuned Timpani

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1890's Rudall, Carte & Co. Hand-Tuned English kettledrums
Made in London around 1890.
Rudall pre-dated Hawkes & Sons and Boosey & Hawkes, but used similar hardware and has a similar shape to those brands' bowls.
22 inch and 25 inch diameter copper bowls (58cm, 64cm), 22" is 16 inches deep, 25" is 17.7 inches deep (41cm, 45cm)
Drums have both telescopic legs and folding 'period' tripod bases. Each drum has one lug without the T-handle. One master key and two pouch holders are included.
Kalfo Super Timpani skins mounted less than two years ago. Drums underwent a restoration about ten years ago.
Beautiful condition and wonderfully sounding drums for period repertoire or general gigging. The drums are extremely portable. Email me for more information or expressions of interest. Price is $3000.00 US Dollars, OBO. Drums are located in New Zealand. I can assist with shipping.

Pictures: Timpani - Antique English Hand-Tuned Timpani

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