Trombone - Conn 82h Trombone 1924-1927

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Description: Trombone - Conn 82h Trombone 1924-1927

I have a Conn 82h Trombone for sale - best offer - please be reasonable given the rarity of the item.

The trombone itself is in fairly good condition, some wear naturally and a few dents, overall suprisingly good for the year. The sound is amazing and the slide is incredible.

There's not a ton of information out there on this model. The Conn Loyalist says:

This trombone has a medium bore (0.522"), which is just shy of a #3. The tuning slide is in the hand slide. The advantage of this is that it doesn't require a cylindrical section in the bell to allow for the tuning slide. In stead, the entire bell can be conical.

In a 1925 Conn Pamphlet, it says the following.

It is titled "New Wonder Trombones" and lists the 82-H as the "New York Symphony" Model. And also advertises the new "Connite" slides that are being used. It also showed that slide locks and bell to slide screws were being offered as options.

Unforunately I dont not have a digital camera at the moment to take a picture, but anyone interested is welcome to email me: mic shine stryke gmail dot com (take spaces out and dot)

Thank you!


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